Here are basic guidelines to know when preparing your dissertation.

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Choosing a Dissertation Topic

Writing a dissertation is tiresome and requires the observance of critical steps. Usually, among the first steps when writing a dissertation is identifying the best dissertation topic. The stage is crucial because what you will choose is the determinant of what you will write. Furthermore, the dissertation topic's choice is likely to determine the experience you will have when writing the dissertation. You will have a challenging experience handling and dissertation topic you have not rightfully chosen. On the other hand, you will find it easier to maneuver through ideas once you have selected an understandable and suitable topic.

Most students find it hard to choose the topic to write about for a dissertation at the doctorate level for various reasons. First, such students are often worried because of the uncertainties revolving around the writing of a dissertation. Right from that, they have to understand whether the chosen topic has already been researched, its originality, scope manageability, and much more. But all these shouldn't give you a headache once you are at that stage. Understanding whether the topic has already been researched demands that explore the literature base because it wouldn't mean much to do extensive research on an area that has been covered and possibly solved rightfully.       

Approaches to choosing a topic

It is essential to understand that dissertations aren't just magical things that could appear to you before you start writing. A section of students preferably chooses various topics that match with data that has already been collected and with a preferred research methodology. It can be a good idea; however, it is, to some extent, inappropriate and can, at times, be disliked by potential advisors. Various ways of identifying the best topics are highlighted below. Check them out.

  • Work towards steepening in the rightful and relevant literature
  • Conduct discussion sessions with faculties and fellow scholars in the same area of study
  • Turn your topical ideas into flawless writing as a way of organizing your understanding   

Usually, many students go for about three to five topics before identifying one crucial issue to write my coursework about. The entire process is a scrap and start-over game.  

Sources of potential topics 

To reinstate the initial assertion, dissertation topics don't come out of anywhere. Here are some of the possible areas or aspects you can use to source or outsource potential dissertation topics.   

  • Professional interests
  • Fellow scholars, faculty personnel, professional colleagues, among others
  • Expert journals within your field
  • Librarians
  • Previously written dissertations
  • Oral defense
  • Popular theories
  • The internet
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Agencies from outside
  • Professional scholars in your area of interest   
  • Job settings
  • References

The criteria for topic selection

  • Below is a general standard for choosing potential dissertation topics:
  • Develop your interest for a long time
  • Ensure that the topic has a manageable scope
  • Ensure the topic gives you the potential of turning ideas into original personal contributions
  • Ensure the topic is doable within your speculated timeframe
  • Ensure that its data is obtainable
  • Ensure the topic hasn't been thoroughly researched
  • Confirm its acceptability before the committee team and the advisory


Choosing a topic is one of the best and significant but more sensitive parts of a dissertation. In the piece, we have sampled out some of the ways you can get it done, even though you can explore many other ways. Following the above steps, you will achieve more in writing your dissertation.